Monday, October 24, 2005

Aah, That's Better.

So, I got into work and discovered that one of the air conditioners that cools the computer system I work with was broken. Well, if the AC don't work right, the system has to be shut down lest it overheat and die. And if the system's shut down, there ain't a whole hell of a lot for me to do (and certainly not anything that'd merit me staying at work when I feel like crap).

Thus it is that, despite several heroic but unsuccessful efforts by various people to fix the coolers, I ended up having a sudden, unexpected opportunity to go home early. Which means that I have managed to fulfill my fondest ambitions by lying in bed drinking tea, eating fruit, and watching The West Wing on DVD. (Damned good show, by the way. I liked it instantly.) This was followed by some kitten-cuddling, and is about to be rounded out by a nice, hot bath.

Sometimes, fate is kind.

(And, yeah, I'm pretty sure we'll be back up and running tomorrow. It's not like I'm out of a job or anything.)

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