Monday, October 24, 2005

The Good, The Bad, and the WTF?

Good things:

I solved my disk space problems by the blindingly simple expedient of running the Disk Cleanup utility and letting it compress stuff. I'm back up to 19 gig! Yay!

Vir the kitten is apparently thriving, and is still insanely cute.

I'm enjoying the heck out of my Netflix subscription. Just finished season 3 of South Park, which was really quite consistently funny. Next up: season one of The West Wing, about which I have heard many good things.

Bad things:

I woke up this morning after about three hours of sleep, feeling all crampy and icky, and could not manage to drop off again. Which I guess isn't a bad thing for helping to switch me off night shifts, but cannot possibly be counted as good in any other ways. Part of me is kinda tempted to call in sick to work and make plans to spend the evening in bed drinking herbal tea and reading Doctor Who novelizations and Stephen King, but a) it's not that bad, and b) I have this annoying conviction that if I take a sick day because it's "the wrong time of the month," I'm admitting that my femaleness makes me somehow weak. Which, frankly, in this one area it does, because menstruation sucks. But, y'know, you don't want to admit that sort of thing.

The art of liquid-lapping does not appear to have stuck in Vir-kitten's brain, despite his one moment of success. This is growing increasingly problematic as he becomes harder to bottle-feed, and too big to take in to work with me.

The WTF?

My TV Guide got much bigger. And skinnier. And appears to have even fewer TV listings. Not that I need 'em, given that my TV-watching at the moment consists entirely of DVDs and Battlestar Galactica, but still...

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