Friday, December 10, 2004

Yes, I Know, I Should Just Start Calling This "Search Request Friday."

What can I say? I never could get the hang of Thursdays. Anyway, here you go:

  • alien nation SIKES translation: I'm not sure if they ever actually said what the guy's name translated into, but from the way the aliens tended to giggle when he introduced himself, I'd say it was something like "shit."

  • "november" blog date fashion show nmsu: NMSU has fashion shows? Hee. My little Techie heart, conditioned to regard liberal arts colleges as not being "serious schools," is rolling its eyes and snickering. Um, not that hearts have eyes. Never mind.

  • blog "me nude": Well, I just typed those words into my blog, so I guess you got your wish.

  • "real gilligan's island" naked nude: Yes, when they adapted Gilligan's true story for television, the censors felt it necessary that they make a few changes, so the fact that the real-life castaways were all practicing nudists was never mentioned.

  • judith ticklish armpits: I'll keep that in mind if I ever meet Judith and want to make her laugh.

  • earthsea personality tests: Based on Jungian principles, no doubt!

  • dobby sock fetishist: Heh. The little guy did have a bizarre thing about socks, didn't he?

  • "my glasses" "ideal boyfriend": Presumably those glasses are rose-colored.

  • caffeine "peppermint tea" machismo: I suppose adding caffeine to peppermint tea might make it more acceptable to those worried about maintaining their macho images. Though somehow I kind of doubt it.

  • legolas pregnant fanfic: Shoot me now. Please. Arrow, right through the heart. Just don't make me read that.

  • ender's game anticlimax hive queen: You know, it's been long enough since I've read that book that I don't remember whether I considered the ending an anticlimax or not. I might have, a little, but it was a darned good book in any case.

  • i hate tickling armpit armpits: Judith? Is that you?

  • "the flood" spoilers "doctor who": Hmm, there's no Who episode by that name. Maybe it's a book. I'm so far behind on reading the Who books it's pathetic. Mind you, it's not made any easier by the fact that I've been waiting for several months for Amazon to send me the next one I haven't read.

  • skullduggery elvish translator: I'm not sure the word "skullduggery" does translate into Elvish...

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