Thursday, December 09, 2004

And It's Not Even 9 AM!

Things which have annoyed me today:

My e-mail still wasn't working this morning. I greatly fear withdrawals.

It is beginning to seem as if my usual routes to and from work consist more of potholes than they do of asphalt. This entire town is like some kind of depressing advertisement for entropy.

I went to turn on the light in my bathroom this morning, and the light bulb threw off some interesting sparks, made a loud popping sound, and died. Now the light fixture won't work at all, even when I put a perfectly good light bulb in it.

I was just looking through the current flyer from one of my book clubs and saw that they are offering a set of "science" books which includes a book on mathematical proofs, one on human anatomy... and one on "the practical art of dowsing." Gaah. It's no bloody wonder people can't tell science from pseudoscience!

I keep waking up before my alarm goes off, but not early enough that it makes any sense for me to go back to sleep, no matter how much I want to.

I forgot my mp3 player at home, which means I have no music to listen to while I am hanging tapes. I also somehow managed to forget my watch, which I always wear and without which I feel slightly naked.

Oh, yes, and, last but not least, there's this article, which makes me weep for my country. Ah, multiculturalism and tolerance were such nice ideas while they lasted, weren't they?

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