Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Movie News

This is the sort of thing that just leaves me rolling my eyes: "God Cut from Dark Materials film." Yes, that's right, the film version of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials, an (in my opinion interesting but over-rated) series of books about an earthly revolt against a outmoded Supreme Being and his corrupt church, will, uh, not involve a Supreme Being or a church. The studio has "expressed worry about the possibility of perceived anti-religiosity," says the director. Which leaves me wondering why the hell you'd commission a movie adaptation of a religiously controversial work if you can't stand the idea of stirring up religious controversy. Oh, yeah, wait, never mind. I know the reason. The books were bestsellers, and if you buy the rights to them, you get the kind of name recognition that sells movie tickets, even if the movie has nothing in common with the books but the name. Yeesh.

On a more pleasant note, here's an interview with Nathan Fillion about the upcoming Firefly film, Serenity. "We all signed for a trilogy," he says, "so if this first one does well, we're going to do two more." Yee-ha!

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