Saturday, December 18, 2004

Search Request, Um... Saturday

Yeah, yeah, I know...


  • fly work peppermint: Who, I wonder, is doing work with flying peppermints and posting about it on Blogspot?

  • tattoos of marvin the martian: Merely gazing upon you will strike fear into the heart of those pitiful Earthlings!

  • who is the female snowboarder in the Campbell's Soup campaign 2004?: Damned if I know. I've pretty much entirely quit watching anything with commercials in it, and my quality of life has improved dramatically as a result.

  • "matchbox 20" unwell hypochondriac: Gee, I never quite thought of that song that way...

  • vinyl cleaning t-pol: I guess she's gotta clean that catsuit somehow.

  • moped keeps cutting out: Have you tried seeing a mechanic? (Or whatever you call somebody who services mopeds.)

  • human cannibalism pics: I was going to suggest that "human cannibalism" is redundant, but, on second thoughts, that's very species-centric of me, isn't it?

  • futurama relationshippers: Hermes/Zoidberg all the way, man!

  • unsecret Valentines Day: Well, of course Valentine's Day is unsecret. It'd be hard to sell so many damned cards and flowers if it were a secret, wouldn't it?

  • penis envy in one flew over the cuckoo's nest: I don't remember any of that, but, admittedly, it's been a while since I read the book.

  • aeryn sun slideshow: Aka John Crichton's holiday slides.

  • "Dr. Seuss socks": Mind have fish on them!

  • crewman cutler and trip's child: Trip had a child with Crewman Cutler? Man, stuff has been happening on Enterprise since I quit watching!

  • boobs "chocolate brands": Yes, it is important for the smart consumer to choose a brand of chocolate boobs very carefully.

  • Tenctonese religious beliefs: Uncle Moodri could tell you all about that. Aww, I miss Uncle Moodri. He was my favorite character. As I remarked to someone when I was watching through the series recently, I seem to have some kind of weird thing about crazy mystical alien ex-slaves. I'm not remotely sure what that means.

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