Thursday, December 16, 2004

Oh, The Places He Went!

I've been reading through a lovely omnibus volume of Dr. Seuss books I bought recently. (I tell myself that's because it'd be a great thing to have around for when the nephew comes to visit, but, honestly, that's a lie. I really bought it for myself.) And, wow... Is it just me, or is it not really making much of an overstatement to call the guy one of the greatest writers in the English language? I mean, the guy was frickin' brilliant. I thought so when I was six, and I find that I haven't really changed my opinion any.

By the way, I learned an interesting piece of Seussian trivia: Green Eggs and Ham used a total of only fifty distinct words, forty-nine of which were monosyllabic. For 100 points and my eternal respect, who can name the single multi-syllable word used in the book?

(D'oh! I originally wrote The Cat in the Hat, which is not what I meant. I am a dolt.)

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