Thursday, December 23, 2004

I Have Landed

Mom's not up yet, so I figured I'd snurch some time on her machine to let you all know that I did not die in the snow. The roads weren't very bad at all, and it appears the storm was pretty localized, because by the time I got about 30 miles out of town, it was all gone.

Anyway, I got into California just fine (although my plane was an hour late; I think we spent longer sitting on the ground than we did in the air on the second leg of the flight).

Last night we mostly just sort of hung out and talked. I am coming to the disturbing realization, at the age of 33, that my mother's political opinions and my own are not, as I'd always believed, light-years apart, but in fact are mostly damned near identical. Considering that I've just been reading about how scientific research (to oversimplify grossly) suggests that we mostly tend to turn out like our parents regardless of what we do, I find that I can only shake my head, sigh, and give due credit to the power of genetics.

Anyway. Off to Death Valley soon.

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