Friday, December 03, 2004

Search Request Thur-- Uh, Friday

Yeah, I didn't do it yesterday. Whatever.

  • "star trek" spanish dub: Ah, Viaje a las Estrellas! Great show!

  • "joke recipes" cooking turkey: Because who doesn't like a good joke on Thanksgiving!

  • casting de misters teen 2003: There's more than one "Mister Teen 2003?" Hmm, I wonder what dey are casting dem for.

  • science projects how to make lava from kitchen pantry: Oh, please. The old "erupting volcano science project" is so passe.

  • dates of observing Thanksgiving: Um, it's always on the last Thursday of November, isn't it? Except in Canada, of course, where it's something else.

  • nude turkeys: Well, you hardly want to cook them with the feathers on.

  • "trailer trash" newark bars: I have never been in any bars in Newark, but I imagine it's quite possible to pick up "trailer trash" in them if you make an effort.

  • pentagram of wax porn: You lay out your wax porn in a pentagram, say the proper incantations, and it summons you up a wax demon who... You know what? Let's just stop there, shall we?

  • "he's sneezing" cowboy: Well, hand the poor guy a kleenex or something!

  • bound tickling therapy: Why does that somehow not sound very therapeutic to me?

  • monastary bondage: Well, I guess some monks, historically, have practiced flagellation and other kinky-sounding stuff...

  • "burned" "beachboard": You haven't been burned lately, have you Deborah?

  • midshipman fish wav: Don't be silly. There are no midshipman fish. What do fish need with boats?

  • scorpius action figure "crackers don't matter": Technically, that's Harvey.

  • shopping habit of Chiana consumer: She shops until she runs out of money, then she steals things.

  • corridan company frog: Every company should have a company frog!

  • porno not picked up by censors: You know, you can slip a lot of things past censors, but somehow I think out-and-out porno is something they'd tend to notice.

  • buzz lightyear, sneakers: I thought he wore cool space boots?

  • cute teacher "book embosser": I wonder if it's the teacher or the embosser that's supposed to be cute.

  • last ned star trek demos: Who is Ned and what Trekkish stuff was he demo-ing?

  • huckleberry finn garbage trash racist: It is not.

  • beaker feelings movie muppets download: Ah, it's nice to know someone cares about Beaker's feelings! Dr. Honeydew always seemed a bit callous on the subject, to be honest.

  • garak bashir fuck naked: Uh, good for them, I guess. It's probably more comfortable that way.

  • figures of speech in coldplay the scientist: Well, I think they used a lot of metaphors...

  • flooby haircut: I assume this is what Tamara has.

  • blog earwax: Yes, I have blogged about earwax. Hey, it was a major issue for me at the time, all right?

  • STUFF SHAPED LIKE A TELEPHONE: Well, for starters, how about, um... a telephone?

  • hail damage or sun blisters: I don't know about you, but what I have is definitely hail damage.

  • science project 7UP test: Well, that sounds a little more creative than the exploding volcano, I guess.

  • met him in a swamp down in Degobah lyrics: "...where it bubbles all the time like a giant carbonated soda/S-O-D-A, soda/I saw the little runt sitting there on a log..." and, oh, dear gods, I can sing the whole thing from memory.

  • maximum stretch pussy: You'd be amazed. Sometimes my cats can stretch out so that they seem to be taking up the entire sofa.
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