Thursday, July 08, 2004

Search Request Thursday

I dunno, I'm kind of starting to get bored with this again. I wonder if there'd be another public outcry if I just stopped doing it?

Anyway, here's the latest:

  • "hit the curb" rim alignment: Man, I needed way more than a rim alignment the last time I hit a curb.

  • albuquerque blog: Sorry, I'm a few miles south. Try The Soap Box.

  • chiana nude clubs: Hey, I wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised to find Chiana at a "nude club." Well, except for the fact that she's a fictional character. And an alien. And that I don't know what I'd be doing at a "nude club."

  • text adventure game "plot ideas": How about: "Watching Paint Dry: The Text Adventure!" Hmm, what do you think? Limited commercial appeal?

  • video captures (buffy stethoscope): Wow, TV memorabilia is getting really out of hand if there've got Buffy stethoscopes now.

  • deodorant demographics: Now, there's a subject I think I can honestly say I've never given any thought to whatsoever.

  • pattern making of a buzz lightyear helmet: Ooh, now there's a cool fashion accessory!

  • stevie nicks blog: Stevie Nicks has a blog?

  • futurama hypnotic: Yeah, it kind of is. Especially when it features Hypnotoad!

  • Artemis Harry Potter crossover fanfic: Am I think only one who thinks Artemis Fowl is way over-rated? I mean, though I've enjoyed the Harry Potter books a lot, I don't think they're up there with the best classics children's literature. But Artemis Fowl makes Harry Potter look like the kidlit equivalent of Shakespeare.

  • blog tom petty: Tom Petty has a blog? Does he share it with Stevie Nicks?

  • gan's island bondage stories: OK, now I'm imagining a Blake's 7/Gilligan's Island crossover TV show done as softcore porn, and, man sometimes I am afraid of the stuff that comes out of my brain.

  • tips on switching from graveyard shift to day shift: Drink lots of coffee your first morning on dayshift and resign yourself to the fact that you're going to spend the day all sleep-deprived and feeling like shit. Especially if you're a night person.

  • average amateur granny sex pics: I don't think there's anything "average" about that.

  • "but I do like vanilla" "sort of": But I do!

  • farscape you know when you'are obsessed: Yes. Yes, I do.

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