Thursday, July 01, 2004

Search Request Thursday

Here we go again. (Is anybody getting tired of this yet?)

  • "Peter Parker" Deneb: Peter Parker was from Deneb? Nah...

  • You know you are obsessed with Farscape when: make lists like this one.

  • water jet machine chiana: Yes, I'm sure Chiana would find all kinds of interesting ways to enjoy a water jet machine...

  • pics exterminated by daleks: Those Daleks are ruthless. Not even pictures will escape them!

  • "Doctor Who" "blake's 7" quatermass vampire: There were vampires in several episodes of Doctor Who, most notably "State of Decay." Blake's 7 only had mutoids, which subsisted on green stuff called "blood serum" and were popularly referred to as vampires. Dunno about Quatermass.

  • googles pictures; concussion: Does a concussion really look like much of anything?

  • mean tinkerbell pics (cartoon): Poor Tinkerbell. Her reputation has taken such a beating in my referrer logs.

  • sound effect hypnotic frog channel futurama: Not "hypnotic frog." Hypno-Toad! Man, I love Hypno-Toad.

  • still-plays-with-cars earth: Where else would you play with cars?

  • plumber's putty "what does it do": Probably something involved in plumbing. Beyond that, I couldn't tell ya.

  • gilligan's island fake bondage pictures: I suppose that's mildly less disturbing than real Gilligan's Island bondage pictures...

  • tickling episode transcript: That can't be very interesting. It's probably just things like "[giggle] Stop it! [giggle]" repeated over and over.

  • tickling socks laughing pictures: Socks that laugh when you tickle them are pretty disturbing.

  • "bigfoot baby" "weekly world news": Hey, if they printed it, it must be true!

  • lotr to star trek timeline: Um, I'm pretty darned sure those don't take place in the same universe. But if they did, it'd probably look something like this.

  • sikozu makeover: Man, she really has had one, hasn't she?

  • tickle tickler ticklish angel buffy xander willow spike: I'm the only result for this one on Google. I'm... not sure how to feel about that. Especially as I've never tickled a Buffy character in my life.

  • blakes lotaburger shake: Back when I worked there, we had a guy come in once and ask us to take some of the coffee grounds (unused, I hasten to add!) and mix them into a shake for him. Which, after determining that, yes, he was serious, we did. Afterwards, curious, we tried this concoction ourselves, and, damn, but it was good. I used to make coffee-ground shakes all the time after that. (OK, the pointless story is over now. I promise.)

  • verbosity killer: Who, me? *hides axe behind back and whistles innocently*

  • piddling and puppy poem: Hmm, somehow I never did that poem in English class.

  • personell hygine: In a weird way, you kind of have to admire searches where every single word is wrong. Well, maybe.

  • "harlan ellison" "i robot" "will smith": I like to think that if they'd actually filmed Ellison's version, it wouldn't have ended up starring Will Smith. But I'm a foolish dreamer, I admit.

  • Stargate SG-1 Children of the Gods pics nude: I'm not a Stargate fan, so I can't say whether seeing these "Children of the Gods" nude would be a bad thing or a good thing. Opinions?

  • transmetropolitan desktop appearance: I can't remember exactly what Spider Jerusalem's desktop looks like, but it's probably covered in cigarette butts and empty wrappers that once contained mind-altering drugs.

  • croup cough wav and slurping cup wav: Man, is there no sound in existence that people don't want to hear?

  • skagway laundromat drop off: Ah, maybe that's where the person from a couple of weeks ago wanted to go on their moped...

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