Friday, July 30, 2004

Search Request Thurs-- Er, Friday

Because I forgot yesterday.

  • what tv commercial says obey your thirst: I believe that's a commercial for a popular brand of lemon-lime soda. But you do realize, right, that they don't actually want you to "obey your thirst." They want you to buy their product.

  • "biggest boobs" blog: Sorry. I think this blog is, at best, a C-cup.

  • lo carb catfood: Aaaaargggh! God damn it, your cat does not need to be on Atkins!

  • farscape hidden memory stark fic: Ooh, a fan after my own heart!

  • lovely c++ exercises: Hmm, some people have strange definitions of "lovely."

  • duct tape bondage "superglue": Duct tape and superglue? Isn't that kind of overkill?

  • how does conan o'brien describe his wife: Mrs. O'Brien?

  • ragan ship: Alas, I am shipless.

  • "stark" "pregnant" "farscape": Hey, the writers said he was! I'm just waiting for it to be revealed! (What do you mean, they were joking?)

  • flooby dust origin: Flooby dust? Is that like pixie dust?

  • frell hardcore clips: I guess Chiana's making a little money on the side...

  • fanfic buffy angel buffy/angel gentle climax: Erm, I think it's what happens after the climax that ain't exactly gentle...

  • Examples of famous verbosity: Is my verbosity famous?

  • unscratchable CDs: Do you think our future truly holds such a miracle?

  • tatoos of a mythological phoenix: As opposed to a real phoenix?

  • wallpapers of girls having big boobs: "Having" them, huh? OK, that's an interesting way of putting it.

  • huxley shirt store: A Brave New World of shirts!

  • leela/bender fanfiction: If the phrase "bite my shiny metal ass" features, I don't wanna know about it.

  • vampire hobbit fanfiction crossovers: Is it just me, or is "vampire hobbit" just the cutest really disturbing idea ever?

  • black butt: Somehow "kiss my black butt" just doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

  • 1000 taped to rabbit: OK, this one wins the prize for the search request I really want to know the background to.

  • hot grannys sex trailer: Aww, it's sad that the grannies have to set up their brothel in a trailer...

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