Thursday, July 22, 2004

Search Request Thursday

Here we go again. It's a little shorter than usual this week, I think, 'cause I kept forgetting to look at the logs. (Told ya I was feeling kind of apathetic lately.)

  • "cute firefly": The cute one on Firefly? Ah, that'd have to be Kaylee. Kittens don't get as cute as Kaylee.

  • "flavored ice cream" "free pictures": But you can't taste the flavor by looking at the pictures!

  • "ASCII ART" +Dune +Frank Herbert: Ooh, I wanna see an ASCII sandworm.

  • i-robot will smith nude: Does he have a nude scene? Hmm, I guess it's good that movies are also pitching their gratuitous sex appeal to the women in the audience these days...

  • "free video clips" of human biology: I think that's the coyest request for porn I've seen yet.

  • "swamp cooler" "fan" alignment: I think mine is Chaotic Neutral.

  • "giant hands" episode: Was that an MST3K episode?

  • "breasts sneezing": Eww.

  • buzz aldrin lone gunmen: I just hope the Lone Gunmen weren't pitching some weird conspiracy theory about the moon landings being faked, 'cause Buzz punches people out for that.

  • APOLLO Chocolate Waffer: It's so waffer thin, it's lightweight enough to carry on a space capsule!

  • cabinet dental hygine: I think I'd be a little afraid of a cabinet with teeth.

  • blog tv nude: I've tried interpreting that four different ways, and none of them make very much sense.

  • where can i see grannys nude for free: I dunno. Volunteer to give sponge baths at the old folks' home? Or, on second thought, don't. Ick.

  • "swamp cooler" smell rid: I'd recommend cleaning it, but what do I know?

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