Thursday, July 15, 2004

Search Request Thursday

Here we go again:

  • 3d sex glasses viewer: Do you need a special kind of 3d viewer for watching sex scenes?

  • "klingon christmas carol": 'Tis the season to die with honor!

  • "star blazers" "making love": I'm pretty sure they never showed that when I watched the cartoon as a kid.

  • animated pics of King Ravana: I have no idea who this guy is or what he's king of. Sorry.

  • funky duster pens: I don't know what those are, but they sound interesting.

  • (Water Jet | "water jet") Machine for Men -cutting: Having popped over to google to look at the results for this and thus discovered what the device in question actually is, I really, really, really don't want to know why the word "cutting" would come up in conjunction with it.

  • guy nude penis photo porno: Is it just me, or does that "guy" in there seem kinda redundant?

  • grayza's breakdown: Oh, yeah, my heart just bleeds for the poor woman.

  • guinness book of records biggest boobs: Those Guinness people. So dedicated to their job.

  • stevie nicks nude: Who are you, Homer Simpson? (Oooh, now there was an obscure Simpsons reference! I'm all proud of myself now.)

  • all hap hop pussy: Is that some of that new-fangled slang the kids are using these days?

  • Grayza John fan: I don't think either one of them is a fan of the other. Really.

  • ticklish chat transcript 2004: Is it just me, or does tickling over chat seem sort of, well, impossible? Or at least deeply unsatisfying?

  • "Fables: Legends in Exile" fanfiction: I wonder if they were looking for fanfiction based on the comic, or for a discussion of the fact that, in a sense, that kind of riffing on fairy tales actually counts as a sort of fanfiction. But, then, these are the kinds of things I think about.

  • "wacky action" blog: Yep, it's Maximum Verbosity, your wacky action blog!

  • printable themed linguistic riddles: I'm not sure I know any linguistic riddles. Somebody tell me a linguistic riddle.

  • Dragonlance personality quizzes: Can I be one of the dragons?

  • dilbert quotes cartoon gum: Mmm. Cartoon gum.

  • pretzel man pennsauken mart: Man, I owe the Pennsauken Mart pretzel man for many happy childhood experiences, I really do.

  • bigbody sexy women: Well, I do recall mentioning "Fat-Bottomed Girls"...

  • Biology: why a stuffed nose effects the sense of taste: A stuffed nose does not effect the sense of taste. Quite the opposite, in fact. But a stuffed nose does affect the sense of taste. (Why, yes, that last quiz result was quite accurate...)

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