Saturday, July 24, 2004

Car No Go.

Damned car. I was out running errands in it today, and it suddenly decided it wasn't going to start on me any more. Turn the key. Click. Nothing. Turn. Click. Nothing.

It might just be the battery; there's a lot of corrosion around the darned thing, and it hasn't been replaced since I've had the car. Didn't have anybody around to try giving me a jump (mainly because I didn't look hard enough, but oh, well), so I called AAA, who apparently just ask you "where do you want it towed?" instead of trying to determine whether you need a jump or whatever. So I had them drop it off at the service center. There's nobody there on a Saturday, but I guess I'll call 'em Monday morning and ask 'em to take a look at it. I'll be kinda embarrassed if it is just a dead battery, but I'll be really annoyed if it's something major with my electrical system, so I guess there really is just no good outcome here. Sigh.

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