Friday, June 11, 2004

Why, No, I'm Not Ever Going to Shut Up About This.

Here's the text of an amusing interview with Farscape's Ben Browder, in which he talks about such diverse topics as leather trousers, alien sex, and hot wax. Oh, and that miniseries thing, too, a little bit. No spoilers for the miniseries (despite the interviewer's best attempts to elicit some), but a few for the series itself, including the final episode.

Here's a cool sample quote:
"At the end of the ten weeks I thought Brian Henson would be certain that he wouldn't want to do any more Farscape, because the scale of the miniseries is so humungous. But he actually turned to me and went, 'Now we need to start thinking about the film.' Brian's next take is he'd like to see Farscape on the big screen. I completely concur with that. He's already discussed strategies for having big screen airings of Farscape the miniseries."

Whoo! Can I get a "Hell, yeah?"

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