Monday, June 14, 2004

I Shall Have a Shiny New Toy!

Well, I did it. I just bought myself an mp3 player. (No, I don't have it yet. But I've ordered it, and it should be here in a week or two!) After much consideration (read: I spent a couple of hours doing research, until I started to feel really bored, not to mention overwhelmed with the desire to buy my Shiny Thing now), I ended up going with the Rio Karma. Yes, I know the iPod is a good machine. Everybody says the iPod is a good machine, and I believe them. But it's also an expensive machine, and if I can get an equally good (or even nearly as good) machine a heckuva lot cheaper, I see no reason not to do so, even if all the cool kids do have iPods. From what I saw, the Karma generally got uniformly good reviews, unlike the Nomad Zen Xtra, which prompted a lot more of a mixed response. I was originally going to go for a 40 GB machine, but, honestly, I'm probably not ever going to need quite that much space. So, the 20 GB Karma it is.

I'll let you know how it's workin' out for me when it gets here.

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