Sunday, June 20, 2004

Bad Karma

Sigh. All is not well in the land of shiny toys.

The new mp3 player has already locked up on me twice. The first time was after I'd been transferring files to it. It got hung up on the "transferring, please wait" screen or whatever it is and refused to respond to any commands or do anything for several minutes. This worried me a bit, but it did simply reboot itself eventually, and I had been relentlessly shoving music into it pretty much all day. I figured it might have even been the PC's fault somehow -- it was getting pretty sluggish, itself -- so I decided not to worry too much about it.

Then, I was listening to the thing while walking in to work today, when it suddenly froze again. Finished one song, didn't start the next, didn't respond to anything... After a few minutes, it at least began responding to buttons again (most relevantly the "unlock controls" button, without which there was no way it was gonna listen to anything else), but even though it claimed to be playing, no music would emerge. I've tried turning it off, and all I'm getting is the little hourglass it usually shows you for a few seconds before shutting down. When I hold it up to my ear, I can hear the hard drive whirring and clicking. This does not seem good. And, no, I did not drop it!

Fortunately, the machine's still under warranty. But, man, if I have to recopy all those albums, I'm going to be pissed.


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