Thursday, June 24, 2004

Search Request Thursday

Here ya go:

  • cheap nazgul t-shirt: You know, I find something weirdly appealing about the idea of a t-shirt that says "cheap nazgul."

  • "itching powder" hentai: I don't want to think about it.

  • "life is not a game" quotes -perfect "played": Actually, Life is a game, but I have played the modern version, and it's far from perfect. They, like, PC-ified it to the point of inspidity. Friends of mine who own a copy made up their own twisted events and taped them over the stupidest of the old ones, which at least makes playing it bearable.

  • leak "swamp cooler" repair: I know how to repair a leaky swamp cooler! You pay some guy fifty bucks to climb up on your roof and do stuff to it!

  • hot naked bitches from Albuquerque New Mexico: Try the animal shelter. There are bound to be some overheated female Chihuahuas there.

  • servalan sexist: Well, if Ben Steed's writing her...

  • affliction tatoos of california: That does sound like an affliction. I hear you can have those removed with lasers though.

  • "i hate being a homeowner": Hey, me too! Maybe we should start a support group.

  • little simulated people: Alas, mine have been languishing unloved on my hard disc for something like a year now. Poor neglected Sims.

  • say something romantic in portugese: Dude, I can't even spell Portuguese.

  • Freakazoid Gunter: Poor Gunter, being called names like that.

  • "personality quizzes" "werewolves": Do werewolves have personalities, other than, y'know, homicial?

  • Crack 3D FISH! 2141: I have no idea what this is about, but it certainly sounds interesting.

  • midnight twilight -is: Well, yeah, midnight isn't twilight, unless you're pretty close to one of the poles...

  • buzz lightyear catchphrases: Oh, come on! How can you possibly forget "To infinity and beyond!"?

  • conspiracy theory apollo-17 helium-3: I must admit to curiosity about what this conspiracy theory is, although I'm not entirely sure I really want to know.

  • hardcore golden cider albuquerque: Did you try Quarters? That's where everybody I know buys their booze.

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