Thursday, June 10, 2004

Search Request Thursday

Man, has it been a week already?

  • table of condiments that periodically go bad: Well, that's certainly a different kind of periodic table...

  • "loose change" network tape: I could buy a lot of tapes for what the networks consider loose change.

  • maximum: Somebody was really interested in uses of that word, apparently, considering how many pages of results they went through to get here.

  • muppets wav swedish cook: He's not the Swedish cook, he's the Swedish Chef! Get it right! Sheesh.

  • eyeglass grand mother fuck photo: I really don't want to know where the eyeglasses are supposed to come in.

  • nestle crunch wav: Does it sound like a "crunch?" If not, maybe you can sue them for false advertising.

  • "Myers Briggs" t-shirt slogans: "ESFPs have more fun?"

  • inclinced planes: "Inclinced?" *shakes head*

  • porn movie download frell: Ah, this is a Farscape porn movie, then? Hmm. If you find the URL for that, let me know. Could be interesting. Heh.

  • nursing ethical dilemmas empty oxygen tank: Doesn't seem like that big a dilemma to me. If the tank's empty, like, go and fill it or something.

  • fanfic Angel leviathan: No, Moya's the leviathan. Angel's a vampire. (Whoa, suddenly I'm imagining a vampire Leviathan. I need more sleep.)

  • quotes for exercise, communication, and hygeine: OK, here: "Exercise, communication, and hygiene are all good things. Especially when you spell them all properly."

  • quozl fanfiction: Is there any? Wow, talk about a niche audience.

  • episode guide buffy "dead man's party" duration minutes: I imagine it has about the same run time as every other episode of Buffy.

  • push pull scraper operators: How hard is it to operate a scraper? I'd figure "push, pull" is probably pretty much it.

  • connor trineer stud: OK, I'll admit that the guy has a certain boyish charm which, rather improbably, makes a character I feel as if I ought to dislike intensely rather likeable. I don't think I'd go so far as to call him a stud, though.

  • ophiuchus traits astrology: That constellation doesn't give rise to any astrological traits. And neither do any of the others.

  • farscape toons fakes: Hmm, I wonder if they mean "fakes" in the sense that every other person who comes here looking for "fakes" seems to mean it. Now I'm picturing a Nude Cartoon Crichton, which is actually kind of amusing.

  • live sex shows with maximum auctioning styles: The most disturbing thing about this is that I was the number one result for it on Yahoo.

  • psychological video clips gorilla kids passing around balls: Ooh, I actually know what this is referring to! It's here. You're supposed to watch the video and count how many passes the team with white t-shirts complete. Count carefully!

  • butter troll definition: Umm... A troll made of butter? A troll who likes butter? Someone who makes stupid provocative posts on the internet about butter? I don't know.

  • tortise vs. turtle: Ah, the little known Round 2, following up on the much-better-publicized the Tortoise vs. Hare match.

  • the women of farscape nude: Hey, now I've gotten search requests for all of them individually and collectively! Still haven't gotten far with the guys, though. The only male Farscape character people seem to want to see nude is Crichton. I still wanna know where all the folks are who want nude pictures of Crais. You hear me? NUDE PICTURES OF CRAIS! (There. Maybe that'll bring some in. Heh.)

  • "social skills" "research shows" gorilla: Research shows that many gorillas have better social skills than some of the people I went to junior high with.

  • "element number 10 in the periodic table": Neon. You're welcome.

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