Sunday, April 25, 2004

Update on a Couple of Things You Probably Don't Care All That Much About, Anyway

Well, Wal-Mart, thankfully, did not give me a hard time about exchanging the defective VCR, even though I didn't have a receipt. The model I traded it in for was about ten bucks more, but I like it much, much better than the first one, even apart from, y'know, that whole not working properly thing. So the Farscape Tape Distribution Network is now back in business!

The kittens are still under my trailer. There are six of them, unless I missed some. Apparently they are old enough for solid food, as I put some more out today and they were munching away on it. Which makes sense... As I recall, Nova was about that size when he showed up on my doorstep, and he was fine with kitten chow. If there's anybody in my general area who wants a kitten, or knows someone who wants a kitten, let me know. I don't think I'm going to make it my mission in life to find homes for these critters, and Momma Cat seems to be doing fine with them, but it would ease my guilty conscience to see 'em adopted. Me, I have more than enough cats already.

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