Sunday, April 11, 2004

Maximum Verbosity!

A friend of mine, apparently being deeply bored or something, decided to do a web search on the name of this here blog, and sent me links to some of the more interesting (non-me) results. Such as:

Maximum Very cool design, absolutely nothing there. They clearly got the name from exactly the same place I did. Ah, old Infocom games, so many of us remember you fondly!

Restrooms: A meditation on the difference in noise levels between men's and women's rest rooms. I can neither confirm nor deny this site's conclusions, as I've spent very little time in men's restrooms (and never when there were men in there), and unlike the site's author, I haven't made it a habit of listening at the door. I can confirm for the men in the audience that women's restrooms, especially large ones, usually are pretty damned noisy. Me, 99% of the time I go in, do my business, and get out without talking to anybody, but that's hardly the only area in which I seem to fail to display stereotypical female behavior.

Maximum Verbosity: I've seen this one, myself, doing a google search of my own. (Or, more accurately, looking at a google search someone else did that showed up in my site logs.) This blog's only been around since June, though, so I definitely have the prior claim on the name!

Maximum Verbosity: The Big Disconnect: Apparently, this is an installment of a regular column. A very odd regular column, if the bits I read of this piece are any indication.

Class Logging: Computer stuff that's way over my head.

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