Thursday, April 29, 2004

Search Request Thursday

So, here we are again:

  • Woodpecker Mop Advantage Plus Kit vancouver: Because what Canadian doesn't occasionally need to mop a woodpecker?

  • restaurant questionnaire on a scale 1-10: Hmm. I think I'll rate this restaurant questionnaire a 6.

  • "propane guys": They sell propane and propane accessories!

  • wavey sun rays paintings: I think I did some of those in kindergarten.

  • are the superfriends satanic occult: Yep, it's true. Superman sacrifices virgins to Satan every new moon. Where do you think his power comes from? I mean, that "yellow sun" stuff clearly makes no sense at all.

  • high definition purchased in 2003 percentages: Well, I certainly didn't contribute to those percentages. Those things are still way too expensive.

  • archer hobbies porthos: Keeping Archer as a pet is Porthos' favorite hobby.

  • "an actual psychological test": What, you mean the "What Bob Dylan Song Are You?" quiz doesn't qualify?

  • star trek t'pol seven nude naked: Oh, just take a cold shower, fanboy.

  • margaritas nude pics: All nude margaritas! Yes, that's right, no salt on the glass! Shocking!

  • Dell frell downloads: Well, downloading a virus'll probably frell your Dell...

  • one flew over the cuckoo's nest religious symbology: I guess there probably was some in there somewhere. There usually is.

  • weasels cheat lie steal joke: Yeah, you really gotta watch those weasels. They'll do anything for a joke.

  • "You are a doctor" Game "Tech": Ooh, we had that game when I was a kid! It was called Operation. I don't think the tech was actually all the complicated.

  • Fanfiction crossover D&D Buffy: So, what's Buffy's alignment?

  • models with white slouch socks: Yeah, you'll be seeing those all over the catwalks this season.

  • "Red Dwarf" "chicken jokes": OK, so, tell me, why did the scutter cross the road?
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