Thursday, April 01, 2004

Once Again, It's Search Request Thursday!

The latest fun-filled batch of search requests that have landed unwary net-surfers on the shores of Maximum Verbosity:

  • quantum leap vomit: OK, admittedly, that show jumped the shark pretty badly in its final season, but it never made me want to vomit. Well, maybe the final episode did...

  • psychology frell affect: That's probably much less amusing if you're a psychologist and not a Farscape fan.

  • execution pics: Eww. Grisly.

  • Cherry Pepsi cans: Mmm. Cherry Pepsi.

  • Sock Fetish Seinfeld Episode: I seem to have missed that one. Not too surprising, really. I was never exactly a regular watcher of Seinfeld, although I did find it more palatable than most sitcoms.

  • frodo wounded dying fanfiction: Poor Frodo. Like he doesn't get beaten up enough in the books/movies...

  • tickling armpits OR underarms OR ar: You know, mine aren't very ticklish. Well, my armpits/underarms aren't. I don't know about the "ar."

  • hoopy easter goodies: For all those froods on your Easter list who really know where their towels are!

  • guitar build do it yourself: I remember seeing instructions once on how to make a ukelele out of a milk carton or something. That sort of thing looks interesting when you're eight.

  • Faramir recognize Aragorn virtue: Well, Aragorn just oozes virtue. That's why he's the king, baby!

  • move clip "lab mice" -human -nature: Yeah, like lab mice ever tell us anything about human nature, anyway.

  • ugly dogfish pics: Ugly is in the mind of the beholder. I bet some of the dogfish in those pics are really quite beautiful to other dogfish.

  • perverse easter bunny pics: I am not going to make any jokes involving the phrase "like rabbits." I'm not.

  • stormtrooper nude fakes: You mean that armor actually comes off?

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