Thursday, April 15, 2004

Once Again, It's Search Request Thursday!

You know what these are by now:

  • boobs barring celebrities: Well, I think Janet Jackson's boob has effectively barred her from ever doing any more Superbowl shows.

  • morticia and gomez addams the perfect couple: Yeah, they are kinda made for each other, aren't they?

  • garak trembled freezing bashir: Yeah, OK, I can see where that fanfic is going...

  • "weird shaped feet" shoe shopping: Having weird-shaped feet makes shoe shopping hell. I know.

  • scorpius fanfic rape sex: Sorry, the plausible-characterization-o-meter goes into the red zone on that one. That's about the only crime I honestly can't imagine Scorpius committing, and, come on, you think anybody's gonna successfully perpetrate it against him?

  • hot dog between breasts pictures: Do they mean a literal hot dog, or...?

  • how to relight a vulcan gas heater pilot: They don't need gas heaters on Vulcan. It's really hot there.

  • "text adventure" wodehouse: Well, if there's a Hamlet text adventure, I guess I don't see why there shouldn't be a Wodehouse one.

  • wellies and a whip: The perfect accessories for any occasion!

  • Does Krispy Kremes cater: That's what I want at my next social event! Doughnut buffet!

  • Rygel "billions and billions": No, you're getting Rygel confused with Carl Sagan.

  • nazgul on frell beast: No, that's fell beast. "Frell beast" conjures up some really disturbing images...
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