Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Drooling Fangirl? Moi?

I've seen this linked to several places now: It's a top-15 list of "sci-fi and fantasy hunks." Aw, come on, what red-blooded heterosexual girl-geek can resist a list like that?

But I dunno... I agree whole-heartedly with some of these choices. I mean, Rupert Giles? Tyr Anasazi? Hell yeah! Other inclusions (and exclusions) strike me as downright bizarre. Picking the Lone Gunmen over Fox Mulder? Excuse me? Even I, who regard "geekiness" as a deeply sexy attribute, can find little more to say about those guys than, "well, at least one-third of them's habitually well-groomed." Whereas Mulder? Is a babe. A complete freakazoid, alas, but definitely a babe. And... Weyoun?! Yeah, OK, I guess he's cute enough, in a slimy sort of way... Correct me if I'm wrong, though, but aren't Vorta basically sexless?

D'Argo seems like an odd choice of Farscape characters, but it's one I can respect. And it's great to see a Blake's 7 character on the list. Personally, I'd opt for Vila over Avon any day of the week, but I suppose one doesn't generally think of him as a "hunk." But, what, no Sam Beckett? (And, yes, I definitely mean Beckett, not any other characters who happen to be played by the same actor. That Archer guy has nothing on sweet, sensitive, supergenius Sam.) And, gimme a break, Picard is way hotter than Kirk. It's the voice, man! The voice!

Ahem. I should stop before I embarrass myself.

Um, whaddaya mean it's too late?


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