Saturday, April 24, 2004


Apparently I have blepharitis. Well, that's what my big book o' medical knowledge diagnoses me with, anyway. What it means is that my left eye is secreting massive quantities of gunk, frequently leading to me having to forcibly unglue my stupid eyelid in the morning. The book pretty much recommends keeping the eye clean and hoping it gets better. Gee, thanks, book.

In other news, there are tiny kitties under my trailer. Or at least, there were earlier. I'm not sure if they're living under there or were just stopping by or what. But I was hanging up laundry this afternoon when I heard a noise, and when I went over to investigate, I found a little kitten-head poking out from a gap in the skirting. A closer look revealed his two siblings crouching next to him in the weeds, and a glance under the trailer revealed the momma cat, who turns out to be a pretty little animal I've seen around here off and on for months. I hadn't even realized she was pregnant. I put down some food for them; the kittens didn't look like they were old enough to be weaned yet, probably, but I'm sure momma will appreciate it.

I always feel a terrible ethical dilemma when faced with this sort of situation, though. Should I leave them be, or round them up and try to find them good homes? They looked happy and healthy enough, and for all I know, somebody's already taking care of them. Then again, maybe not. Ah, well. It may be entirely academic, anyway, as I may not even see them again...

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