Monday, April 26, 2004

Go, Me!

Had a remarkably productive day yesterday, all things considered. Among the things I accomplished:

  • Drove up to Wal-Mart and exchanged defective VCR for non-defective VCR.

  • Copied three more Farscape episodes. (Well, OK, recopied three episodes the defective VCR frelled up.)

  • Did laundry.

  • Made salad. Which is really amazing because, hey, it's very close to actually cooking.

  • Finished reading I, Claudius. (And then promptly went and ordered the sequel because, damn, that was a good book.)

  • Watched an episode of Babylon 5. I've finally made it through the end of the second season! Man, I cannot believe it took me that long to get through those DVDs. I just kept getting distracted by shiny objects. Well, OK, other shiny objects, 'cause B5 is pretty shiny, itself. Expect me to ramble on about it at length once I've made it through the extras.

  • Washed the car.

  • Packaged up a birthday present to send to my nephew.

  • Did the dishes and a few other minor household tasks too trivial and boring to mention, even in a trivial and boring post like this one.

  • I love these long weekends I get between night shift and evening shift. I think I appreciate them even more because I've worked schedules where coming off graveyards was the most horrible rotation possible. Let's hear it for livable work schedules!

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