Thursday, February 11, 2010

Treadmill Saga Update

So, the repair guy called me up last Saturday saying that he'd be through town later this week, if I wanted to schedule a time for him to stop by and fix my treadmill. Which would have been great, except for one thing: I still hadn't gotten the parts. Which they told me should arrive in 7-10 days. On Jan. 22nd.

I wasn't too worried at the time, since mail to Socorro can be a bit slow, but when the package still wasn't here today, I called Horizon. Again. Amazingly, this time they didn't make me play phone tag, but instead just put me on hold for half an hour. (It figures. I was planning on only spending a couple of minutes leaving a message, or I wouldn't have called right then.) Anyway, it turns out that the reason I didn't get the parts is because they never sent them. Which, the guy I talked to said, was "kind of a good thing," as one of the parts he thought I might need wasn't included in the order, anyway. Seriously. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. Let this be a warning to the universe at large: do not buy anything from these people. Unless everything goes perfectly, you will regret it.

He did at least say he'd fast-track my replacement order, and that I should have it in four days, but that kind of doesn't help all that much, since this week would have been ideal for both the repair guy (who is 80 miles away in Albuquerque) and for me.

SO. MUCH. FAIL. It's almost hard to believe.


  1. At this point, can you just return the thing?

  2. At this point, I really wish I could, but it's not much of an option. It is literally too heavy for me to ship. (This is why they have the arrangement to have it serviced in place.)