Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Treadmill Saga: The Final Chapter?

So, the repair guy showed up today, fiddled with the treadmill, said it looked to him like a whole bunch of different things were broken, none of which we had the parts for, and put a call into Horizon, whom he couldn't get to answer their phones either, even though he had an actual direct extension.

Then, while he was waiting to see if they'd call him back -- which they didn't -- he decided that, well, he'd try replacing this one thing they had sent him the part for, even though he didn't think that was it... And lo and behold, it worked! I now have a functional treadmill! And it only took six full weeks!

He did point out that the plastic tray thingy that sits underneath the motor is cracked, apparently due to the incompetent shipping company dropping it at some point. But that isn't affecting its functioning at all. (They might replace it at some point anyway. I think they should. The damned thing is still under warranty and ought to be in perfect shape. But for the moment, I'm not too concerned about it.)

Whew! Now I just need to get up the energy and the motivation to actually use the thing.


  1. Excellent!

    Well, it's now there for when you do have the energy, and I hope it'll be easy enough, and enough fun, for you to keep working at it, once you start.

  2. Quick! Use it before it breaks again! (That should be enough motivation by now.)

  3. Be kind of a shame not to use it, though, after all this hassle.

  4. I just have to stop thinking of it as a giant piece of sculpture now and start thinking of it as something that actually does something.