Friday, February 19, 2010


I seem to be healing up very nicely! Enough so that my mother, having ascertained that I was unlikely to have any major medical emergencies at this point and was now largely capable of fending for myself, packed up and went back home this morning. I'm really glad to have had her here, though, and not just because she cooked me lots of Malt-o-Meal. Thanks, Mom!

I'm still taking large quantities of ibuprofen, but I don't think I'll be needing the Vicodan any more. Strictly speaking, I'm not sure if I needed it after the first day, but I'm a giant baby when it comes to pain. Also, it was very relaxing. I don't know how Dr. House manages to stay snarky when he's on that stuff.

I can also now eat pretty much anything that's not sharp'n'pokey and that doesn't require too much chewing, although it can still be a mildly awkward and uncomfortable process. The really annoying thing, though, is that I have to rinse my mouth out thoroughly with saltwater multiple times per day, and I have to do it every time I eat something. That's getting old fast.

Still, this whole experience could have been a thousand times worse, which I was sort of expecting it to be, so it's all quite a relief. Psychologically, though... Well, I still miss my useless extra teeth. My mouth feels empty without them. *observes a moment of silence for fallen teeth*


  1. I'm glad that it'a all going well. After an extraction, I too found the rinsing my mouth with salt water became rather tedious, especially as it had to be heated to luke-warm first.

  2. Yeah. Still, I guess there are much worse things. :)

  3. Excellent! Seriously, I'm glad that it's going so well.

    I know what you mean about the painkillers. I don't like taking drugs, but I'll make an exception for ibuprofen...

  4. Painkillers have their downsides, to be sure, but I really, really dislike pain. :)