Friday, February 12, 2010

Productive And Toothful

I have now crossed off everything on my "things to do before my mother gets here" list. Everything! This is very reasuring, since I am working all weekend, and she's coming in sometime on Sunday.

And then Tuesday, I will become wisdom toothless. I am still not happy about this, you know. They're my teeth! I grew them myself! They belong where they are, doggone it, even if their very existence is a stupid evolutionary anachronism.

Sigh. Maybe they'll give them to me to keep in a jar, and I can take them out from time to time and fondly reminisce about the days when they were still in my mouth.


  1. Mine are in a plastic cup, stuck to gauze by dried blood, in a drawer in my bedroom in my mom's house. (I guess I was too old for the Tooth Fairy when they came out.)

    Can't wait until I'm old enough for dentures and have trouble remembering where I put them!

  2. Man, I'd rather not keep the gauze. :)

  3. Mine started growing into nerves so had to be broken up very carefully.. We need to find out what inbreeding happened 40,000 years ago to cause our jaws to shrink and go back and fix it.

    Oh and go and tell Benjamin Franklin that he got the signs of voltage wrong.

  4. Yeah, that Benjamin Franklin thing would definitely be on my short list of "things to do with a time machine."