Sunday, February 07, 2010

Semi-Random Links, With Bonus Stupid Internet Quiz!

Star Wars vs. Star Trek 720p: Cute little nerdy video. Go, Enterprise!

EXCLUSIVE Neil Gaiman Confirms Doctor Who Episode: As the fangirls on the internets say: SQUUUUUUUUUUUUUEEEEEEE!

Previously On Lost 2: Lost In Five Minutes: Kind of hilarious. Ah, there's nothing like an attempt to explain this show to bring home how absolutely freaking insane it all is. I love it. (Oh, and spoiler warning! Obviously.)

And speaking of Lost:

Find out Which Lost Character Are You at!

God damn it!

(But, huh. The image URL was messed up. It tried to link me to the result for Sawyer, which is not what I got. I figured out what the actual code was and fixed it, although I probably should have left it, because that would be much less embarrassing. Come to think of it, as a reward for my technical competence, I think I should just declare myself to be Sayid.)


  1. Wow, that Previously on Lost video is very funny. Given how much they had to cover, I thought they did a really great job.

  2. They actually did! Although I'm pretty sure it would put exactly those girls' expressions on the face of someone who didn't already know what they were talking about. :)

  3. Exactly, which I think just underlines the fact that the real appeal of Lost is in the details, not necessarily the big-picture plot. It's easy to say what happened; it's tougher to say why that's so cool.

  4. I liked the 2 videos. Cool! "Neither do we!". what a great line. Good effects in the first video. But why 720p?

  5. Hey, I just cut and paste the names of things, I don't explain them. :)

  6. The quiz says I'm the same guy as you. Is that right, or is it messed up so everyone gets that answer?

  7. I think I saw it give somebody a different answer somewhere. So you're probably just on the same wavelength as I am, again. Anyway, clearly it's wrong, because Jack is an ass. :)