Thursday, May 28, 2009

US Who News

For those of you watching Doctor Who in the US, it turns out that BBC America is going to be getting this year's Who specials before that channel that's changing to the silly new name. Looks like they'll be airing the Christmas special on June 27th.

I guess whether that's good news or bad news for US Who viewers depends on what your cable package is like.


  1. What time on June 27th? It looks like I might be making a day trip to your house.

  2. Meanwhile, over at that other channel with the silly name, they're referring to it as the "fifth season," which it isn't. That won't actually air in the UK until at least 2010, after Tennant's next two specials.

    I enjoyed "The Next Doctor" and "Planet of the Dead" well enough, but I think I'd rather see a whole new series at this point.

  3. I should maybe clarify: it doesn't look like Sci-Fi/Syfy will air the episodes; they're just reporting that BBC America will:

  4. Captain C: It says 9 PM. I presume that's Eastern. Mind you, I don't actually get BBC America. Although I do have a copy of the episode, which you can stop by and watch whenever you like. :)

    Fred: Even if it was the fifth season, it still wouldn't be the fifth season. But I admit, even I have stopped referring to the new series as starting with "season 27." :)

    And I suppose it's possible that Siffy will get them eventually; the article just specified that BBC America has the first run rights. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting, though.

  5. I suspect I'll have seen them long before they air on BBC America, which I don't get anyway.