Monday, June 01, 2009

Too Many Books, Too Little Sleep

One of the unforeseen consequences of imposing a strict quota of the number of books I'm allowed to buy in any given month is that I end up ordering a whole bunch of books just after midnight on the first of the month. Possibly this is not entirely healthy behavior.

Speaking of things that are not entirely healthy, I am not pleased with this three-hours-of-sleep thing I've got going on today. I'm telling myself that, despite the fact that I have to work night shift again this weekend, waking up at 8 AM is actually a good thing, because there are several things I need to get done this week that will require being awake during the day. But the thought of doing any of that crap today just makes me feel grumpier. Bah! Need more coffee.


  1. Like read more books... actually I found that when I had a habit like that... it was better to keep the number of books (in that case it was RPG books) per week. That way you buy them on Monday versus the first day of the month.

  2. I am reading more books. :) Actually, I've found that since introducing the quota system -- which states that I'm allowed to buy ten books each month or the number of books I read the previous month, whichever is lower -- I always manage to read at least ten books. Ah, motivation!

    I'm not sure how well a weekly quota would work for me... For one thing, ten isn't divisible by four, so it'd involve adjusting the numbers. For another, it'd preclude the occasional book-buying binge, such as when the Friends of the Library sale rolls around. And those are fun!

    (Ah, the sad life and dilemmas of a biblioholic...)

  3. I intend to e-mail the U.S. Surgeon General about this underrecognized but dangerous disease. Do you know how hard it is to find information about Binge Reading? Someone needs to form BookAnon.

  4. I have a book called Biblioholism: The Literary Addiction. It says "National Bestseller" on the cover, which shocked me at first. I mean, surely there can't be that many people with this condition! But then I realized... No, there aren't, but every single one of us bought a copy. :)