Sunday, June 28, 2009

Also, I Complain About The Weather.

Lately, it seems as if some mischievous weather god has replaced my nice, dry desert with a freaking Amazon rain forest, and I am discovering that I no longer have the faintest idea how to deal with persistent humidity. And, geez! I put down some bug spray twenty minutes ago and it's still not dry! Which is annoying, because I can't let the cats back out of confinement until it is. Also, I actually had to towel myself off after my shower this morning, and I can't do laundry because, despite having a shiny new washer, I never bothered buying a dryer.

How do people who live in damp climates cope?


  1. 1. Make sure you have plenty of towels.
    2. Buy a dryer
    3. Move to Florida and get used to it.

  2. I pondered the same thing last week. I thought it was too stinking humid to go outside, and The Weather Channel's local data said it was 39% humidity.

  3. Wow. Man, we have acclimated.