Friday, May 08, 2009

Not-So-Random Links: Star Trek Edition

People keep sending me Star Trek-related links lately for some strange, unknown reason. So I figured I'd pass on a few of the more interesting or fun ones:

The Conversations: Star Trek: A fascinating discussion of the first six Trek movies from a couple of non-Trekkie film buffs. I'm used to seeing this level of analysis from Trek fans, but it's unusual and interesting to see it from an outsider's perspective, so to speak, particularly when it's as thoughtful as this. I don't agree with all of their opinions, but they do have some insightful things to say, and while they're perfectly willing to mock the movies' faults, I never once felt that they were mocking the movies' fans.

Star Trek Week: Which was the one with the whales? A mercifully quick guide to past Trek movies: If the long analysis at the previous link was too much for you, maybe this extremely brief, tongue-in-cheek guide will be more your speed.

Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film As "Fun, Watchable": All right, this one mocks. But it mocks knowingly, and with a certain degree of "funny 'cause it's true."

I'm not sure, by the way, when I'll be getting out to see the new movie. I wasn't feeling enthusiastic up 'til now, because I thoroughly expected to hate it. Now, having read a bunch of glowingly positive reviews, I'm feeling trepidatious because I might not hate it, and I kind of want to. Ah, the Trekkie purist's life is a difficult, difficult thing.

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