Saturday, May 16, 2009

Star Trekkin' Across The Universe (Or At Least Up I-25)

All right. I've done the grocery shopping and the laundry and all the other crap I really needed to do today. (Well, OK, maybe not the vacuuming, but that can wait.) In about half an hour or so, I'm gonna go see this new Star Trek thing, doggone it, if only so it will be possible for me to participate in the internet again.

That means you've all got until I get home tonight to place your bets on what my reaction will be. Will I return shouting "Abomination!" or "Frell me, THAT WAS COOL!"? Anything is possible! Stay tuned!


  1. Going to see it Tuesday nite. My conservative reading actually gave it a good review.

  2. I was really surprised how many really good reviews it had gotten. That -- or rather, incredibly positive word-of-mouth on the internet -- was what made me decide I had to see it sooner rather than later.

  3. Which reminds me... I saw the HHGTHG movie on "siffy" this weekend, and I'm glad I didn't spend actual money to see it in a theater or rent it.

  4. You know, that was another case where I went in thinking "Oh, man this is a horrible thing to do to a story I like! It's a re-imagining that is clearly Doing It Wrong! I will be grumpy about it in advance!" And then it turned out not to be quite as bad as I expected, so I sort of vaguely enjoyed it.

    I'm telling ya, those massive negative expectations help a lot. :)