Saturday, May 16, 2009

Big Batch O' Random Links

We Didn't Start The Flamewar: This pretty much sums up the entire internet, right here. (Warning: NSFW.)

The Biology of B-Movies: Just how plausible are all those shrinking men and giant bugs? (Yeah, I think you can probably guess the answer to that one.)

Study: Why Cute Overload is Critical to Your Work: I am thoroughly convinced, and will now make a point of stopping whatever productive activities I may be engaged in to look at cute animals several times a day. For the good of my work.

Why Space Repairs Aren't Easy: Astronaut John Grunsfeld (mentioned in this article) has some ties with NRAO, and a few years back he came and gave us a talk about repairing the Hubble telescope, which was very cool indeed. The main thing I remember about it is thinking that I cannot possibly imagine having that job. It once took me the better part of an hour to change a car battery, never mind servicing a delicate, multi-million-dollar scientific instrument. In microgravity. While wearing giant space gloves.

Ten Things You Don't Know About Hubble: Speaking of Hubble, here's the latest in the Bad Astronomer's "Ten Things You Don't Know" series.

Open-mindedness: Interesting video exploring what it actually means to be "open-minded," and why it doesn't involve accepting every ghost story you come across at face value.

The Internet as Imagined in 1969: I'm not sure which tickles me more about this video. The truly impressive way they managed to get the broad details right, or the chuckle-inducing ways in which the hardware and the social aspects are just plain wrong.

Pregnancy Myths BUSTED!: Mythbuster Kari Byron, currently expecting a baby geeklet, punctures a few myths about pregnancy. Pretty much a fluff piece, but some of her comments are great. She really does have an entirely unique set of pregnancy-related concerns.

40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes: Well, I feel inspired! Though I'm not exactly sure to what.

International Space Station comes Together: And just to end on another space link, here's a cool flash animation showing the progress of the ISS's construction.


  1. I knew about the "B Movies" formula back in 1960. Very easy.

    It`s ironic that the internet video was produced in 1969, because that was the year I lost my job testing rocket motors using analog acquisition. I swore I would never use a computer again. Duh! My watch has more memory than that big old computer that took up a whole 5000 sq ft room

  2. I'd say it's a good thing you decided not to follow through on that oath. :)

  3. You can change your own car battery? I'm lucky I know how to open the hood. (How much do you charge for a house call?)

  4. Changing a battery is one of the simplest things you can do with a car. However, I did not change it by myself, but eventually had to have help. In my defense, this was mainly because I did not have the correct tools. Or the correct battery for that matter. Really not my fault. :)