Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Upside, Downside

Bad: I went to bed about 2 AM yesterday after getting off work at midnight... and was woken up by the mailman ringing my door at 8:30. Sigh. Why does the world conspire to keep me from getting a decent eight hours of sleep? On the upside, he was bringing me a box full of books and some more Pretender DVDs, and if you have to get woken up an hour or two too early, at least that's a nice thing to be awakened by.

Good: Turns out the warranty on my eyeglasses covers my giant lens scratch even though it's purely due to my own clumsiness. They're going to replace the lens, and it'll cost me zip. Considering that I was afraid I might have to buy another pair of $400+ glasses, or at least pay a good percentage of that for repair, this is excellent news. On the downside, it's going to take a week or so, during which I have to go back to wearing my old pair. The prescription's barely changed at all, so that's mostly OK, but I find any change in eyewear at least mildly disorienting.

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  1. I had a similar thing happen to my glasses. They were repaired for a $15 service fee. I guess it does pay to spend a little more, heh!