Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yayful Things

I have my glasses back! And they are noticeably gouge-free. Three cheers for warranties!

Also, my original -- well, OK, remastered -- Trek discs came in the mail! You know, one thing that has made me happy about the new movie, whatever mixed feelings I might have towards it, is that it does seem to generating a new enthusiasm for Old School Trek in many people, apparently including me. Given that one of my initial sources of hostility towards the film was the heart-sinking possibility that an entire new generation would, say, hear the name "Leonard McCoy" and immediately think of that Urban guy while the world slowly forgot the existence of the lovely DeForrest Kelley, this is a very gratifying and reassuring thing. (And, no, I didn't deliberately set up that sentence so I could make jokes involving the phrase "the Real McCoy," but you can insert your own here if you wish.)

Also, I do not seem to have come down with Pig Flu, after all. Thank you, immune system!


  1. What's wrong with "Leonard?" :)

  2. It's fine, if you're from Lake Wobegon. I probably find it amusing merely because I never heard him called anything but "Bones" before.

  3. Well, as long as you're imagining the right face when you think about him. :)