Wednesday, August 30, 2006

And Here Not All That Long Ago I Was Thinking Of Cancelling My Cable.

I, um, appear to have bought a TiVo. I didn't exactly plan to... I was just thinking about the fact that there are actually a number of current and upcoming shows that I kind of want to watch without waiting for them to come out on DVD. And about how hard I find it to actually remember when shows are on and whether I ought to set the VCR, never mind keeping track of reruns and hiatuses and changes in timeslot. And about how much I hate commercials, and not being able to pause or rewind stuff I'm watching, and the way the VCR loses several seconds of dialog every time you pause and unpause it.

And, really, there's one obvious solution to all those complaints, isn't there? So I went online just to price the things, and they didn't seem too terribly expensive, and the next thing I knew, I was ordering one.

Everybody says TiVos are the best things ever and that they'll change how you watch TV and they're the sort of thing that, once you have one, you can't imagine ever doing without it. I just hope they're right, seeing as I've bought a year-long contract...

(Huh. Blogger's spellchecker knows "TiVo" and insists that I use that (rather dumb) capitilization, but it doesn't know "VCR." Blogger's spellchecker is crap. And is possibly in the TiVo company's pocket.)


  1. Welcome to the Cult of TiVo. :-)

  2. TiVo rocks babee! If you have any questions about programming the thing, let me know! :)

  3. Blogger has made me find the box with my dictionary and unpack it. BTW, betablogger sucks ass - don't switch.

  4. Jen: Thanks! Will do!

    Magnus: I find Merriam-Webster online very useful. Or I just type words into google and see if it asks me whether I meant to spell them correctly.

    What gets me is that gmail has an excellent spellchecker. Very good interface, comprehensive dictionary, smart enough to make useful suggestions... I don't know why they don't just scratch the insanely bad one blogger has now and adapt that one for it. I actually wrote to them once and suggested it.

    I hadn't even heard of betablogger... But, OK, I'll avoid it!