Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Of Course, I'm Pretty Sure I Would Have Remembered It Anyway.

So, last night -- well, this afternoon, technically -- I dreamed I was part of a group that was unearthing this ancient artifact from a cave. When we pulled it out, it turned out to be a book made of thin slabs of wood, bound together into pages. It looked like there were probably only a dozen of them at most, but it must have been magic or something because when I opened it up, each page was dated, and the dates went from the 1600s or so up to the present day. All of them were otherwise blank, until I turned to the one for today's date... At which point I saw a note reminding me to take the garbage out. Which, sure enough, I do need to do tonight.

I guess it's kind of cool that my subconscious is actually telling me useful things.


  1. Have you been watching too much Dead Zone?

  2. Still haven't seen it. Does that tend to happen?

  3. Well, I touched Kathy on Saturday and saw her leaving for home. Guess what? She left Sunday. HMMMMM!