Friday, August 18, 2006

It's Curtains.

So, the curtains I ordered came today. They are the right size, a good color, a pleasantly simple design, machine washable... and even more entirely transparent than the bamboo shade.

If you'll excuse me, I think I'm going to go and hang myself from a curtain rod now.


  1. Can you hang both the curtains and the bamboo simultaneously?

    Sometimes transparent + transparent = translucent...

    (If this suggestion is prima facie impossible, I blame my ignorance on my bottom-5%-of-the-population mecahnical scores on my high-school aptitude evaluations...)

    [VERIFCATION WORD: ucprch -- Yurok tribal term meaning 'to search for the tribe's shaman'...]

  2. I actually tried that, but it only made what you could see through it dimmer, rather than less detailed.

  3. Nooooooo!!!!!!
    I hate when that happens!
    Well, you can find liners for the curtains, but they run about 20 bucks (at at least), so you might be better off sending those back to Home Depot and looking for Blackout curtains. I'm sorry! Let me know if I can do anything to help!

  4. Yeah, I looked into the liners and came to the same conclusion.

    Well, now that I know that style and size works well, yeah, I can try looking for some heavier ones that are along the same general lines.

    If I need more help, I'll let you know!