Monday, August 21, 2006

Would You Pay Money To See This Movie?

This seems like an amusing meme:

Open up your music player and set it to shuffle. For each line/question hit the next/forward button. Say what song is playing for each line. Don't cheat either, just put the song that comes up.

I don't know whether this is meant to be a movie of my life, or what... I assume it is, though it's clearly a highly fictionalized version if it has fight scenes, as I haven't been in a fight since the 9th grade. (Where, for"been in a fight" read: A tough girl grabbed my shirt to push me out of her way or something, I freaked out and flailed at her, and she knocked my glasses off. And all the adults thought it was so great that I had "been in a fight," because they had been despairing of me and my pansy-ass pacifistic ways.)

In any case, I present to you the Soundtrack to My Movie:

Opening Credits: "Sweet Home Alabama" - Lynyrd Skynyrd

Something of an odd choice, seeing as I've never been to Alabama in my life and have no affinity whatsoever for the South.

Waking Up: "Window to the World" - Geddy Lee

Um, that works as well as anything, I guess.

Falling in Love: "Crazy Lovesick Fool" - the Great Luke Ski

Bwah! This is a couple of guys doing an incredibly goofy song in the voices of Brak and Zorak from Space Ghost. It is the most unbelievably dorky thing you could possibly imagine. Which I guess makes it just about perfect.

Fight scene: "Echoes" - The String Quartet Tribute to Pink Floyd

Most surreal fight scene ever. Or possibly it's a very slow, very artistically composed undersea battle. That'd be really cool.

Breaking up: "Silent Bob" - The Great Luke Ski

A tribute to the work of Kevin Smith, set to the tune of "Silent Night." Well, at least it makes an appropriately dorky bookend with the "falling in love" song. Although it does apparently indicate that I'm breaking up in a 7-11. On Christmas. While smoking weed.

Looking Back On Your Life: "The Eccentric Doctor Who" - Malcolm Lockyer Orchestra

Again I say: bwah! Clearly the "looking back on my life" scene features a montage of me watching various bits of Doctor Who, with the action on my TV screen synched up with this incredibly cheesy music. Actually, that'd be an entirely accurate retrospective on my life.

Getting back together: "Opus 4. Fantasy (Film Noir)" - Billy Joel

This is from Billy Joel's brief, brief career as a classical pianist. And it is pretty noir-ish, at least at the beginning. I suppose it's appropriate if I'm getting back together beneath a smoky streetlight on a rain-drenched street while wearing a trenchcoat and a fedora... Oh, hang on! I get it! This is one of those movies that's 90% fantasy sequences, isn't it? Well, I suppose it would be. And that'd explain the submarines.

Secret Love: "Yer So Bad" - Tom Petty

At least my secret love seems like a happy and healthy affair. Although I feel compelled to to categorically deny all of the slanderous things this song says about my sister.

Life's okay: "A Floydian Slip" - The String Quartet Tribute to Pink Floyd

Because nothing says "life's okay" like imitation Pink Floyd?

Mental breakdown: "The Pony Man" - Gordon Lightfoot

Hee! This is a happy little folksong depicting sweet childhood fantasy, starting with an ordinary pony ride and ending up with pirate ships and other improbable things... Clearly this is a mental breakdown that involves hallucinations.

Partying: "I'm a Believer (Reprise)" - Eddie Murphy, on the Shrek soundtrack

Sure, that works for a party.

Long night alone: "Sanitarium (Welcome Home)" - Apocalyptica

I don't know about a "long night alone," but that'd be kickass fight scene music. And may I just say that I love this whole rock-gone-classical theme my movie seems to have going, along with all the other dorktasticness. If a movie is ever made of my life, I hereby declare that the soundtrack should consist entirely of rock songs done on classical strings.

Final Battle: "Consider Me Gone" - Sting

Hmm... I suspect this is a metaphorical battle. Or else this one should really be switched with the previous one.

Death Scene: "Opus 3. Reverie (Villa D'Este)" - Billy Joel

I guess that works for a death scene. Although it's either going to be schmaltzy or melodramatic. I vote for melodramatic.

Ending Credits: "So Long Again" - Daniel Amos

I guess that's appropriate, if you ignore the blatant religious content.

Man. I want to see this movie now.


  1. A Daniel Amos song made the list!?!?

    Wow. Cool. :)

  2. Yup. It was from one of those discs you gave me way back when. They're on the iPod along with everything else. And apparently will be coming soon to a theater near you. :)