Thursday, August 24, 2006

Do We Trust A British Study On This Topic To Be Unbiased, Though?

This just in: drinking lots of tea is good for you. Whoo-hoo! I'm gonna live forever!


  1. It's a pity that I don't much care for tea. Where's the study showing that coffee is good for you after all?

  2. To quote Xander from Buffy: "You're ruining a perfectly good cultural stereotype here." :)

    I've read that there are studies clearly showing that coffee does increase cognitive function, in the short term. Does that count?

    And I count it as being good for me, because I take mine with milk, which I don't otherwise drink, so, hey, calcium!

  3. And this just in -- crumpets? Cure cancer.

    Oh, and there have also been studies that show coffee can lead to nasty things like heart attacks and death. So I'd say the jury is still out on that one.

  4. There have been studies done on coffee's benefits, aside from cognitive function, that i cannot recall. However I am always skeptical of "studies", especially if they are industry funded. However, there have been enough varied studies on tea to show that it has remarkable benefits. (especially green teas)
    Why I think I may go buy some matcha right now. (well, in the morning)

  5. Yeah, green tea has anti-oxidants, which I don't think is true of black tea. Me, I drink some of each, so I'm covered. :)

  6. So Sheridan Le Fanu was wrong. :)

  7. If it's in *my* head now, I'm gonna take you *all* down with me:

    I'm gonna live forever
    I'm gonna learn how to fly--high!

    I feel it comin' together
    People will see me and cry. Fame!
    I'm gonna make it to heaven
    Light up the sky like a flame. Fame!
    I'm gonna live forever
    Baby, remember my name
    Remember, remember, remember, remember,
    Remember, remember, remember, remember...

  8. Damn you! Damn you and your insidious earworms to hell! :)

  9. I was thinking what Mr. Ironwood was, but I refrained. I was even singing at work (the secluded parts still under construction) "TEA! I'm gonna live forever, I'm gonna learn to make chai - CHAI!"

  10. LOL!

    Oh, and since I was too distracted by the music in my head and forgot to reply before...

    John: I haven't seen any demons yet, so I believe he was, indeed. But I shall continue with the experiment and let you know. :)