Friday, September 01, 2006

Comedy Gold

There is very little in this world more intrinsically funny than a cat who's got his head stuck in a box of kleenex.

I let him flail around with it over his face for a while before I helped him, too. Maybe it'll be a learning experience. Although, realistically, I doubt it.


  1. If you're in the habit of leaving grocery bags laying aboot, you might consider cutting the little hand loops off them: I had a cat get herself stuck in the loops of a Christmas-giftbag-thingie once -- she panicked so bad (flying thru the house at barely sub-light speeds) that she managed to burrow herself (with the bag still attached to her) inside a basement wall [had an interesting afternoon extracting her out of *that* predicament...]

  2. Aww, poor kitty! Although how a cat gets into a basement wall, I have no idea. :)

    Anyway, I don't leave them around; I stash them all securely in a drawer the cats haven't figured out how to open, because Happiness is weirdly attracted to the things. I read somewhere that cats sometimes are, because they use fish oil in the manufacturing process somehow. Your random fact for the day!

    One time I left a plastic bag with some videotapes in it sitting out, and she managed to get her head through the loops. She went racing across the house, trailing the bag with the videos still inside, and of course the noise they made scared her because, eek, they were chasing her, so she ran faster, so they chased her faster... It was probably terribly dangerous, but I still found it hard to stop laughing long enough to pull it off her.