Tuesday, September 05, 2006

In Which I Join the Digital Age

My TiVo came! My TiVo came!

Admittedly, I was pretty worried for a while there, because UPS's tracking system had it listed as having been delivered, and yet when I got home there was no package and no note. Eep! When I called UPS for information, I was told that the driver said that he'd given it to a woman, but that they didn't have any information on what address he actually gave it to a woman at, and wouldn't until tomorrow. This was highly alarming, indeed, seeing as there was no one at my house today at all. Mercifully, it turned out the neighbors had it, and they turned it over without even having to be threatened or anything.

Thus, I now have a TiVo! Hooray! I can record the current episodes of House to watch when I'm finished with last season's discs!

So far, it certainly seems to live up to its easy-to-use reputation. The setup was dead simple, and the interface seems pretty intuitive. We'll see how I feel when I've had more of a chance to try it out, but for the moment it looks good!


  1. Welcome to the Cult of TiVo. :-)

  2. Speaking of TiVo and such, well it has nothing to do with it at all. Let's take a minute to remember Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin.

  3. Well, he was on TV, so I suppose there's a tenuous connection, there. :)

    I'm sorry for the guy and for his friends and family, but, I dunno, I always kind of had mixed feelings about him. He was entertaining, and apparently did some good work with wildlife conservation and awareness, and by all reports genuinely loved the critters. On the other hand, I always felt sorry for the animals he went around bothering, as it always seemed to me they'd be much happier being left alone rather than being poked and prodded for human amusement. I never found it quite entirely comfortable to watch.

    What I find interesting is how surprised everyone seems to be... Admittedly, that particular mishap was pretty bizarre, but did anyone really expect the guy would die from anything other than an animal encounter?

  4. Yeah, Gary always said that he was just expecting the day to come when we would hear about something like this happening, albeit you're right this wasn't exactly what I was expecting. More like a snake or crocodile or something, but at lease in our household it was not unexpected. I know about the mixed feelings. There was a time a few years ago that we were huge fans, we watched every episode. I do think he really cared about animals and wanted to push conservation. But the snake probably was grumpy because he was poking it. I do feel a bit bad that his reputation was tarnished a few years ago by the baby incident, but hey it didn't hurt Michael Jackson now did it... ok inappropriate joke.

  5. Yeah, I thought the whole thing with the baby was kind of stupid and overblown.

    And I don't think there is such a thing as an inappropriate Michael Jackson joke. :)

  6. I never really watched much of his shows. You know how I feel about snakes. I have seen more snakes in Florida than alligators. Except in captivity.