Monday, September 04, 2006


As stupid internet quizzes go, actually, this one wasn't too bad.

The Oracle

0% Extroversion, 100% Intuition, 27% Emotiveness, 71% Perceptiveness
Heuristic, detached, and analytical to a fualt, you are most like The
Oracle. You are able to tackle any subject with a fine toothed comb,
and you possess an ability to pinpoint nuances and shades of meaning
that other people do not have and cannot understand. Accomplishment and
realization of ideas are, for you, secondary to the rigorous
exploration of ideas and questions -- you are, first and foremost, a
theorist. You hate authority, convention, tradition, and under no
circumstances do you accept a leadership role (although, you will
gladly advise leadership when they're going astray, whether they want
you to or not). Abstraction and generalities are your interests,
details and particulars are usually inconsequential and uninteresting.
You excel at language, mathematics and philosophy.

You are typically easy-going and non-confrontational until someone
violates one of the very few principles that you deem sacred, at which
point you can fly into a rage. Although you possess a much greater
understanding of process and systems than the people around you, you
are always conscious of the possibility that you've missed something or
made a mistake. You don't tend to become attached to particular
theories, and will immediately discard mistaken notions once they're
revealed to be incorrect (but you don't tolerate iconoclasts who try to
discredit validated theories through the use of fallacies and bad
data). Despite being outwardly humble, you probably think of yourself
as being smarter than most other people. That's because you are. In
fact, in your dealings with people your understanding of their motives
is so expansive that you know what they're going to say before they say
it, and in world affairs, you usually know what is going to take place
before it actually does. This ability would make you unbeatable in
debates if only you were a little less pensive about your own
conclusions, and a little more outgoing.

Famous people like you: Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Adam
Smith, Thomas Jefferson, John McWhorter, Ramanujan, Marie Curie, Kurt

Stay clear of: Apollo, Icarus, Hermes, Aphrodite

Seek out: Atlas, Prometheus, Daedalus

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 99% on Extroversion
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You scored higher than 99% on Intuition
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You scored higher than 99% on Emotiveness
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You scored higher than 99% on Perceptiveness

Link: The Greek Mythology Personality Test written by Aleph_Nine on OkCupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

This quiz is far too kind, though, I'm afraid. It's describing the person I'd like to be, rather than the person I am. (Of course, I suppose I would say that, being all "outwardly humble.")

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  1. this is me:

    33% Extroversion, 66% Intuition, 55% Emotiveness, 47% Perceptiveness
    You are a normally quiet person with very strong convictions and a marked activist streak. You have a clearly defined sense of right and wrong, and you like seeing people punished for their transgressions. You are Nemesis, goddess of punishment. You are a champion for the defenseless, you love poetic justice and, if karmic retribution doesn't have its say, then you'll have yours. You are astute, rarely fooled, and idealistic.

    Your defining characteristic is your internal and inflexible system of morals. Because of your highly intuitive nature, you possess the theoretical nature required to define those morals, but you sometimes lack the ability to verbalize and expound on them, especially on the more nuanced parts of your worldview. Regardless, you have strong instincts which often prove to be correct, and rather than preaching, you act on them. You don't compromise -- ever.

    You can sometimes be a person of great internal stress. You don't have double standards, and so you expect the same of yourself as you expect of others. You might find, sometimes, that you have just as hard of a time in living up to those expectations as the people around you. As a result, you are rarely at peace with yourself, but you're also likely to think of this in a positive light -- you're always forcing yourself to improve, and you avoid making mistakes.

    You tend to be a private person, and don't like to talk much about those staunch morals of yours until, that is, they become violated. Once that happens, everyone is going to know exactly where you stand. You have a distaste of nihilism and intellectual relativism that will make you naturally compatible with scientists and certain kinds of philosophers, even if they don't share your activist streak.

    Famous People like you: Goethe, Voltaire, Susan B. Anthony, Robert Burns
    Similar Personality Types: Prometheus, The Oracle, Hermes, Orpheus
    Avoid: Icarus, Dionysus, Agamemnon, Atlas
    You may or may not be able to get along with an Odysseus -- it will depend on his/her upbringing.