Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Search Request... Um...

I really can't even pretend these are happening weekly, can I? Anyway, here's the current batch:

  • "sleep deprivation" song "in head": Yeah, I tend to get "Who Needs Sleep?" by the Barenaked Ladies in my head when I'm really sleep-deprived.

  • sneezing bloopers on tv: That's probably going to be a new special on Fox.

  • Florida trailer park socorro: Not the one I lived in, but you're getting warm!

  • muppets personality test demented: You know, there are a lot of Muppets with demented personalities.

  • George Orwell and hy this book is a product of its times: Well, really, is there any book that's not a product of its times?

  • book embosser science: I think the physics is really very simple.

  • cute "grumpy face" gallery: Nothing makes a grumpy person grumpier than telling them they have a cute grumpy face, you know.

  • my betty girl: Sorry. Wrong Betty.

  • futurama hypnotic toad: That would be Hypnotoad. ALL HAIL HYPNOTOAD!

  • spock vulcan: Well, half-Vulcan, technically.

  • ticklish goth feet: That's got to be a great way to piss off a goth!

  • star wars fanfiction yoda grocery shopping: Does the lightsaber double as a UPC scanner?

  • personality tests ticklishness: I really don't think that counts as a personality trait.

  • vanity plate tough cookie: I hate to say it, but I'm pretty sure that's too many letters, no matter what state you're in.

  • Frederick Mckinley Jones and very sexy chicks: I have no idea who that is, but good for him with the sexy chicks thing, I guess.

  • adult scandalous male halloween costumes: Because what's scarier on Halloween than a good old fashioned scandal?

  • pictures of boyfriends and girlfriends undressed: Well, as long as they're boyfriend and girlfriend...

  • ticklish anakin: Ah, that's what the armor was actually for.

  • wizard of oz porn cartoon: "I could tell you things about Peter Pan, and the wizard of Oz, there's dirty old man!" (Sorry. I just got a Tom Lehrer disc.)
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